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The story behind Legion of Death started when the Soultaker started his Evil Army. He wanted to form an evil force with great powers which they could use to hurt anyone who stands in their way, torcher and cause them pain.

The Soultaker took the souls of Blaze and Gravedigger in order to become more powerful than ever. But, Gravedigger proved to be a weak soul and was exciled from the L.O.D. Soultaker and Blaze revealed their new soul to be The Night Stalker and on August 29 he was instrumental in The Soultaker winning the MSWA World Heavyweight Title from The Moondog! They play the Brood's music because they are freaks of darkness

The Grim Reaper is the sign for the Legion of Death because that's who we are -    and they don't want the nightmare to ever end! The Legion of Death makes your nightmares come true, unleashing the Reaper of the Legion of Death, so


The Soultaker was at one time known as The L.A. Rocker
Blaze was at one time known was E.C. Ice and The California Rocker
The Night Stalker was at one time known as "The Living Doll" Michael Anthony
Soultaker and Blaze were together as a team called "Heavy Metal Thunder" as The L.A. Rocker and The California Rocker



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