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Mid-South Wrestling's Commissioner and top Manager go head-to-head and speak their minds on the issues.

August 31, 2000

Commish Michael Anthony discusses current news, upcoming shows and new talent being grought into the MSWA.

Miss Jennifer discusses her upcoming matches, her stable, her association with CCw and most of all, herself.
Hello wrestling fans and welcome to the all new "Beyond the Ropes" Page! Miss Jennifer will be taking commentary for "The Other Side'. There's a lot going on in Mid South Wrestling and a lot to talk about so let's get right to it.

One of the biggest things to hit us here in the MSWA lately is Coach BT leading CCW in a takeover attempt of our territory and promotion. Let me first say that this is not the WWF or WCW where everyone's paychecks are signed by the same man, so to speak, we are 2 totally separate companies run by 2 independent boards of directors and this is as real as it gets!

I've seen several CCW shows and I'll be the first to say that there's some very good talent there (a lot comes from MSWA, but that's another story)but, what I've notice the most is that the CCW crew don't believe in the things that make this sport great, mainly tradition. They think everything should be handed to them on a silver platter and 90% of the CCw crew would not know the first thing about paying their dues or sacrificing their blood, sweat and tears to climb the ladder to success. We're are going to show them what tradition is all about, and in MSWA why 'Tradition Still Rulz'.

This being our first new issue of our column for several months, I want to talk a little about our champions. Our newest title is the Hardcore Championship - currently held by 'The Ex Might Duck' James Arnez. Arnez's wrestling style is very rough and rugged and he reminds me very much of a young Terry Funk. We are glad Arnez is with us in our battle against CCW. Our Light Heavyweight Champion is Mr Showtime. You may not like his actions in or out of the ring, but you have got to admit he knows his way around, and being a veteran of 6 plus years, he should. Our Woman's Champion is, ironically enough, the young lady who is co-writing this column now - Miss Jennifer. Miss Jennifer has come a very long way in the short year she has been in this great sport. I only wish she hadn't listened to Coach BT and defected over to CCW at a time when we need our very best right here in the MSWA. Our Intercontinental Champion is Kilo. Kilo's got to be one of the hardest working wrestlers in this business. I would rate his love for this business and his heart right up there with Triple H because I've seen him wrestle so many times with injuries that would keep the average wrestler at home. I've always considered Kilo to be the "light heavyweight with the heavyweight heart" and since winning the Intercontinental Title and holding onto it for the past 4 months, he's proven himself to be a true heavyweight contender. Our Tag Team champions are Psycho and The Extreme Machine. Psycho was the first ever MSWA Hardcore Champion and has held the tag titles on numerous occasions while Extreme is a former Intercontinental Champion as well as former World Heavyweight Champion. Both of these guys always give it 110% when they compete and both like it rough, so if you want a good fight, just sign a match with either or both of these champions. Last, but certainly not least, is our Heavyweight Champion "The Real Australian" Miles Long. Miles has been in this business for over 10 years and has wrestled all over the country. He has also wrestled some of the top names ever in this business such as Jerry lawler, Bill Dundee, Jeff Jarrett, Hugh Morris, William Regal and most notably, former WCW World Heavyweight Champion "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner earlier this year in Missouri. I've had the pleasure of knowing Miles for many years and am proud to say he's probably the closest friend I have got in this business. In closing let me say if you want to fight, Miles is your man or if you want the best scientific wrestling match of your life, Miles is your man also.

Until next week, everyone take care and we will see you September 15th in Woodland Mills, TN.

Michael Anthony
Mid-South Wrestling Commissioner

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Hello all you CCW fans and if you are not are fans well....who cares I just wont be talking to you then. Well it seems to me that once again Coach BT is back in action, but this time he is going to take over MSWA and it will soon be called CCW.

Here are the names of the CCW workers that were in action In Dresden, August 4th - Coach BT, (The Head-Cheerleader) Miss Jennifer, Zane, Mr. Security Tony Diamond, Ice Manand last but not the least MEAN MARK MANSON.....ooh yeah and we also had are gimmick table man Rod Dent III. What would we do with out him?

Well lets get started on the action. First match was Zane/Coach BT w/Miss Jennifer -vs- Mike Kelly and J.R. Rich. Zane and BT won but to make matters worse for Kelly his partner gave up on him because he knew that he was going aganist the best so he chicken out and went to the back....Well at least that is what you thought LOSERS...But, what it really was J.R. Rich was tired of getting the run around when it came to title shots and he thought he needed one and so there you go......Zane on the other hand could care less who he works but I feel sorry for them because he is Tought as Hell but you all knew that...He has worked really hard in the business so you people need to give him somemore respect when he comes to the ring GOT IT.

Next match that I want to talk about is the HARDCORE title match Tony Diamond should have been the winner he had Arnez pinned and the ref would pay attention but that is OK his day will come. The "Duck" or (as he wants to be called) cheated and gave Tony Diamond a low blow and then slap shot him through a table. But the guys weren't the only ones fighting all over the place, I gotta hold of Kayte and kicked her butt all over the place even went into the bathroom and stuck her head in the toilet...funny huh? Then she gave me the Kiss of Death is what they call it but I got aways as soon as possible man she is really Crazy they need to do something with her...KEEP away from me Kayte before I hurt you.

OK I am tired of talking about matches I was to talk about getting even with MSWA... I will get even with Attitude, Kayte, and Auburn Thunder you Girls just wait till I get you. You are going to wish you never met me and wish you never touched me because Girls let me tell you I have the whole CCW watching my back and it looks like some of your MSWA guys are getting tired of your crap to...JUST remember GIRLS it took 3 of yall Plus Blaze to keep me down.....aaawww yeah I have got someone to take care of Blaze and Extreme so BOYS you better watch your backs because you never know who Miss Jennifer Might bring to take you Out for good. Never Ever put your hands on me again because trust me BOYS you never know what can and will happen.......

These are the words of Miss Jennifer - visit my web page at

The MSWA Womens Champ MISS JENNIFER member of CCW

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