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Height - 5' 11"       Weight - 300 lbs       6 years Pro Wrestling

Blaze, from legion of Death, started wrestling six years ago in May of 1993. Blaze started wrestling as E.C. Ice. He won the U.S. Title September of 1993 and held it for four months until December 1993. At the time he was tagged up with The L.A. Rocker and E.C. Ice changed his name to The California Rocker. He and The L.A. Rocker were known as Heavy Metal Thunder. They held the Mid-South Tag Team Titles for two years, February 1994 until February 1996.

Blaze settled down and got married January 11, 1996. In March 1996 Heavy Metal Thunder went their separate ways and The California Rocker won the Mid-South Heavyweight Title. He held that title for one year until April 1997. December 1997 The California Rocker won and held the Mid-South World Heavyweight Title for 13 months until January 1999. At that time he changed his name back to E.C. Ice. In April 1999 Legion of Death was formed with The Soultaker, E.C. Ice and The Gravedigger.

Blaze has been with the MSWA for 6 years and during that time, he was also part of the AAWF for one year.