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MSWA Results Archive II

February 20, Gibson Tennessee at the Municipal Auditorium:

Today's action was called by Senior Announcer Jimmy Valentine who was joined by suspended referee Kenny Wayne.
Our referees were Danny Roberson and senior official Keith Bailey.
Superstar McKee beat The Extreme Machine in a hard fought match to open things up.
JR Rich, Dynamite Kid & Brianna Starr beat "Missouri Bad Boy" Joey Venture, Mr. Showtime & Dakota by DQ in a mixed person match when Miss Dixie & Auburn Thunder got involved. These 4 girls will be involved in the match to crown the 1st ever MSWA Women's Champion on March 5th.
Clarence Clippenback beat "The Living Doll" Michael Anthony in a special taped fist match after suspended referee Kenny Wayne along with Tuff As Hell interfered.
Naughty By Nature beat Tuff As Hell & "Sensational" Mike Todd in one of the most exciting tag matches we've ever seen! These 2 teams meet again in Huntingdon on Feb 27 & back in Gibson on March 5th.
Heinrich Von Keller defeated Citizen Kane in an impressive match to retain the Intercontinental Championship. Keller's "Secret Weapon" DEWEY once again got involved.
Southern Pride beat The Legion Of Death's Soultaker & Brimstone to become the NEW World Tag Team Champions! Congrats to Kilo & Tommy Redneck, they truly deserve the titles.
Dirty Don beat Big Hoss in a cowbell match. Don was then attacked by Bobby 'The Butcher' Smith who was recently suspended. Our promoter Killer agreed to lift Smith's suspension so Don could have him in a match on March 5th when we return to Gibson, so DON'T MISS IT!!!

February 12, Dresden Tennessee at the McWherter Civic Center:

Today's action was called by Senior Announcer Jimmy Valentine who was joined by Commissioner Michael Anthony.
Our referee was Danny Roberson.
Kilo beat Rick Rockous to retain the MSWA Light-Heavyweight Title to open things up
JR Rich & Pokerface beat The Extreme Machine & The Destroyer in an exciting match. Pokerface has really turned it up a notch since he got with Naughty By Nature
Dynamite Kid won his match over Streetfighter Steele by DQ when Big Hoss & Mike Todd jumped on The Kid. Steele came back to help Dynamite and revealed he's Dynamite's Uncle! We'll see these 4 get it on when we return on March 11th!
Naughty By Nature beat Rick Rockous & Mike Todd in a high-flying action packed match
Dirty Don & Citizen Kane defeated Big Hoss & Ricky Murdoch in a Hardcore Rules match. Don faces Murdoch one on one in Huntingdon TN on Feb 27th in what should be a wild one
LOD's Soultaker & Missouri Bad Boy Joey Venture w/Dakota defeated Southern Pride in a falls count anywhere - anything goes match when Dakota chokeslammed Tommy Redneck of Southern Pride through the windshield of a car parked outside! She then went on to slam Kilo almost through the roof of the car, and even slammed one of our security officers on the trunk! These 2 teams will go at it once more on March 11th when we return.

February 6, Gibson Tennessee at the Municipal Auditorium:

Today's action was called by our senior announcer Jimmy Valentine. Referees were Kenny Wayne and Danny Roberson. The Jackson Sun Newspaper was there snapping photos & interviewing the wrestlers. There was an excellent front page color pic & article on Mid-South Wrestling in the 2/7 issue.
Opening match was The Extreme Machine winning by DQ when Ricky Murdoch turned against Mid-South Wrestling and joined in with the "Damned Yankees", and had "Tuffguy" Joey Bravo come out & help him destroy Extreme Machine.
Our next match was JR Rich & Citizen Kane with the returning Brianna Starr as their mystery valet winning over Mr. Showtime & Joey Venture with Dakota by DQ when Dakota went in the ring to chokeslam JR. All 6 stars will meet on Feb 20th in a 6 person mixed tag match.
Next we saw the Legion Of Death's Soultaker & Blaze retain their World Tag Team Titles against the #1 contenders Naughty By Nature when Joey Bravo & Ricky Murdoch interfered. Naughty will face The Damn Yankees on Feb 20th when MSWA returns to Gibson.
Our next match was Southern Pride defeating The Damn Yankees to win back their valets - Miss Dixie & Auburn Thunder. Referee Kenny Wayne was suspended for 30 days by The Commissioner for derelection of duty. Southern Pride get a shot at the World Tag Titles on the 12th in Dresden Tennessee.
In our Semi-Main Event, Dirty Don & Pokerface teamed up to defeat Big Hoss & Mike Todd with Clarence Clippenback. The Mid-South Wrestling Commissioner Michael Anthony "The Living Doll" announced that he was coming out of retirement for one match and one match only against Clippenback on the 20th to pay him back for cutting all his hair off back on January 2nd.
In our Main Event, National & Worldwide Superstar Heinrich Von Keller defeated The Dynamite Kid to retain his Intercontinental Heavyweight Title. These 2 will have a rematch on Feb 27th in Huntingdon Tennessee.
For those of you who were in attendance for this show, you know that The Dynamite Kid was taken to the hospital after his match against Von Keller with a possible neck or back injury. We are happy to announce that Dynamite did not suffer any serious injury and will return to action very soon!

January 23, Huntingdon Tennessee at the National Guard Armory:

Today's action was called by our announcers Jimmy Valentine & JW. Referees were Kenny Wayne, Danny Roberson & Senior Official Keith Bailey. The opening match was JR Rich's hair -vs- Extreme Machine's mask. JR won and The Extreme Machine reluctantly unmasked. Next we saw a double disqualification in the Citizen Kane -vs- Pokerface match. Ricky Murdoch and Dirty Don each won 1 of the 2 matches they had (a return match has been signed for Feb 27th when we return to Huntingdon). Heinrich Von Keller defeated The Dynamite Kid to become the NEW Mid-South Wrestling Intercontinental Champion. Naughty By Nature defeated Mr. Showtime & Joey Venture w/Dakota and in our Main Event, The LOD beat Southern Pride with the help of referee Kenny Wayne. These 2 teams are also signed for a rematch on Feb 27th. See you at the matches!

January 16, Gibson Tennessee at the Municipal Auditorium:

Tuff As Hell (Tuffguy Joey Bravo & Hellraiser) came out at the beginning of the show and said the winners of their match with Southern Pride today would win the valets Dixie & Auburn Thunder.
Today's action was announced by and commentary was given by JW & Jimmy Valentine. Our referees for today were Danny Roberson, Kenny Wayne & Senior Official Keith Bailey.

Our opening match was The Extreme Machine taking on the returning Citizen Kane. We had a great match going until Tuff As Hell ran in & jumped Citizen Kane until Southern Pride ran out & cleared the ring. Kilo & Tommy Redneck then announced that there was a new member of Southern Pride and it was Citizen Kane! Official's decision was a disqualification on Extreme Machine giving Citizen Kane a win in his 1st match back in Mid-South Wrestling in some time.
Next, we saw Dakota lead out her team of Mr. Showtime & Joey Venture (1/2 of The Missouri Bad Boyz) to face the team of JR Rich & The Dynamite Kid. This was a fast paced and very well wrestled match . In the end, Dakota choke-slammed Rich and Venture made the pin.
One of our feature matches was Naughty By Nature challenging The LOD's Soultaker & Blaze with the stipulation that if NBN wins the match, they get a shot at Legion Of Death's World Tag Titles on February 6th when we return to Gibson. These 2 teams always give 110% and really raise the level of competition when they face each other and this match was no exception. Naughty gets the win by DQ when Blaze nailed referee Danny Roberson with a chain, so they get their title shot!
Our next match was a special return match which was no DQ between Tuff As Hell -vs- Southern Pride. I'll tell you, these 4 guys are really starting to HATE each other as evidenced by some of their posts on our Mid-South Wrestling message board to each other, check out the board folks to see what they're saying to each other! Whichever team wins this match keeps the girls, as this stipulation was authorized by The Commissioner Michael Anthony, who was not in attendance, via telephone. These 2 teams literally beat the hell out of each other in what is fastly becoming a full blown North -vs- South WAR! Tuff As Hell won the match with a questionable fast count by referee Kenny and got the girls, but they also left a bloody mess as Southern Pride busted them both wide open. The Commissioner has signed these teams to meet one more time on February 6th back in Gibson and he promises to confront Kenny about his fast count! Both teams are booked in other matches in Huntingdon TN on January 23rd so we'll see if they get their hands on each other that night or not.
Our main event of the afternoon was supposed to have been Heinrich Von Keller -vs- Blade Boudreaux in a Flag Match but due to transportation difficulties, Keller didn't make it on time so our main event was Blade teaming with Dirty Don to face Big Hoss & Mike Todd. This match went all over the auditorium much like the match these 2 teams are signed for in Dresden TN on Feb 12th when falls count anywhere! If this was a preview of that match, don't miss it!!! Both teams continued to fight all over the building so the referee, senior official Keith Bailey ruled the match a double count-out. Mr. Showtime, Dakota & Joey Venture ran out & jumped Blade & Don and worked them over pretty good. Pokerface came out and announced he was returning from the injured reserve as his groin injury has healed, and said that he was about to do something he should have done a long time ago. Hoss & Mike Todd held Blade Boudreaux for Pokerface to nail with a chair but Poker swerved them & instead nailed Hoss & Todd with the chair!!! He then cleared the ring to help Blade & Don, to everyone's surprise. Naughty By Nature came out, Pokerfacxe removed his shirt to reveal a NBN shirt and proclaimed to be a 3rd member of Naughty By Nature!
Anything can happen in Mid-South Wrestling fans, as this show proved! Don't miss us back in Gibson on Feb 6th, a NEW World Heavyweight Champion will be crowned that day. Also, don't miss us Jan 23rd in Huntingdon & Feb 12th in Dresden.

January 8, Dresden Tennessee at the McWherter Civic Center:

Our opening match in Dresden was Psycho winning his match against Bobby "The Butcher" Smith by DQ when the referee caught Bobby with a chain. This was a very exciting match and it's always a pleasure to have the fun-loving Psycho in the show!
Dresden's own Dynamite Kid teamed up with Kilo next to take on The Streetfighters Steel & Axe. This match was as hard fought as they come with The Streetfighters coming out on top after a top rope splash. This match also left The Dynamite Kid a bloody mess after several chair shots from Streetfighter Steele. The promotion has agreed to book these 2 in a return match on February 12th when we return to Dresden.
Our next match was to determine the next team to get a World Tag Title shot with Southern Pride (Tommy Redneck & Kilo) going against JR Rich & The Extreme Machine. Southern Pride was about to get the victory when someone ran out and nailed Kilo with a metal sign to allow JR Rich to get the pinfall! Commissioner Michael Anthony came out & told the referee what happened & ordered him to restart the match. Southern Pride got a double sunset flip to score the win & the title shot on Feb 12th. After the match, we learned that the mystery man who ran out was Rick Rockous from West Tennessee Hardcore Wrestling. Kilo challenged him to a match, and Rockous accepted so these 2 will battle for the Light Heavyweight Title next month. Tommy Redneck also asked if he could fight The Extreme Machine next month in an extreme rules match to which Extreme Machine accepted and Anthony approved.
Next, we saw Big Hoss & Mike Todd take on Dirty Don & Blade Boudreaux. This was a wild match with all 4 wrestlers being seasoned veterans of the ring. The match ended up going all over the Civic Center so the referee counted both teams out. Don & Blade said since there wasn't a winner, they'd meet them next month in a match where falls count anywhere in the City of Dresden! This will be as wild a match as you could ever want to see so be sure NOT to miss this upcoming show!
The Main Event of the evening was The Legion Of Death's Soultaker & Blaze defending the Mid-South Wrestling World Tag Team Titles against the ever popular Naughty By Nature. These four always give 110% when they meet and this was no exception. This match is just an example of the great talent we have here in the MSWA. In the end, The LOD pulled out chains to blast NBN and were disqualified so they kept the Titles. Southern Pride hit the ring and fought everywhere with The LOD, even out in the parking lot! Security finally got the 4 pulled apart but this was a small sample of the kind of action these 4 will give next month when they meet for the Tag belts. Get your tickets early at Cash Advance on Main Street Dresden while they last, and save $2.

January 2, 2000, Gibson Tennessee at the Gibson Municipal Auditorium:

To open the show, Clarence Clippenback (the self proclaimed sex symbol of the new millenium) sang "Happy Birthday" to a special fan.

The opening match was Dynamite Kid & JR Rich battling The Extreme Machine & Mr. Showtime in a very good match to a double countout. The LOD ran out & attacked everyone exceptJR Rich which left everyone wondering.
Our next match was a special North -vs- South Challenge with "Tuff As Hell" (Tuffguy Joey Bravo & The Hellraiser) taking on Southern Pride (Tommy Redneck & Kilo) w/Auburn Thunder & Miss Dixie. Tuff As Hell ran down the south & all the wrestlers & fans throughout the entire match - to which Southern Pride said they weren't going to get away with running down the fans in the south! The fans were really into this match and it was a very rough & tough match that didn't dissapoint anyone. Tuff As Hell planted chains on Redneck & Kilo to get them disqualified in the end. They continued to beat Southern Pride into a bloody mess, then, to add insult to injury, Tuffguy & Hellraiser grabbed Miss Dixie & Auburn Thunder and gave them both inverted piledrivers! Commissioner Michael Anthony ordered a return match between the 2 teams on January 16th.
Next, we saw a battle royal for the recently vacated Light Heavyweight Title. Participating were Mr. Showtime, Kilo, Tommy Redneck, The Hellraiser, Dynamite Kid & Citizen Kane. This was another match that was filled with action from start to finish and in the end, Kilo survived to become the NEW Mid-South Wrestling World Light-Heavyweight Champion.
Our next match was a Hair -vs- Titles match with Big Hoss & Mike Todd (subbing for Ric Havoc) defending the World Tag Titles against The LOD with Commissioner Michael Anthony's hair on the line. Anthony promosed last show to have a special referee which turned out to be Dirty Don! The LOD beat Hoss and Mike Todd to become the NEW Mid-South Wrestling World Tag Team Champions in one of the wildest matches we've seen in Gibson in a while! After they were defeated, Hoss & Todd jumped Dirty Don for a little payback but it was Michael Anthony who ran in to help out Don. Clarence Clippenback ran to the announcer's table & grabbed the scissors and helped Big Hoss & Mile Todd cut Commissioner Anthony's hair anyway! Don made it back to the ring in time to save some of Michael Anthony's hair before they cut it all off and then asked Michael if he would do him the favor of reinstating him to wrestle so he could challenge Hoss to a match on January 16th and the Commissioner agreed & signed the match.
Our Main Event was Blade Boudreaux taking on a returning Heinreich Von Keller from Germany. These 2 battled it out all Summer long and it looks like the feud is far from over as they picked it up right where it left off! These 2 traded licks, exchanged move for move & counter for counter and wrestled to a 30 minute time limit draw. The promotion has booked these hard hitters for January 16th back here in Gibson Tennessee so DON'T MISS IT!

"SEASON'S BEATINGS 99" December 19, Gibson Tennessee at the Municipal Auditorium:

The show opened with MSWA Commissioner Michael Anthony calling out Big Hoss & Rick Havoc and stripping them of the World Tag Titles due to the way they "won" them last show by pinning each other in the 4-corners match. Anthony then said the winners of the match later on in the show between Hoss & Havoc -vs- The LOD would be the World Tag Champions.
The Opening match saw JR Rich defeat The Extreme Machine when Extreme attempted to hit JR with a metal chair, only to have it riccochet off the top rope and hit himself in the head, followed by JR getting the pin.
Next we saw the hot new team of Tommy Rendeck & Kilo come out with their new Valets 'Miss Dixie' & 'Auburn Thunder' along with the 1st Lady Of Mid-South Wrestling Angel to take on Bruiser Graham & a returning JR Rich (subbing for the Dynamite Kid who was experiencing transportation troubles). This was a great wrestling match using alot of holds and counterholds. JR Rich is improving vastly with each match and it's always a pleasure to see Bruiser in the ring. In the end, it was a double count-out as both teams were brawling all over the floor.
Our Feature Match was for the World Tag-Team Championship with Big Hoss & Rick Havoc w/Clarence Clippenback taking on The LOD's Soultaker & Blaze. These 2 teams have met many times and it always results in someone getting their head busted open, today it would be Blaze busted wide open. Hoss & Havoc end up getting the win with alot of help from Clippenback AND Derrick King. The LOD immediately challenged for a return title shot at the 1st Mid-South Wrestling show of the new Millenium on January 2nd 2000, to which Hoss said he'd give them one final title shot IF Commissioner Anthony agreed to let The LOD put his hair on the line against the titles. Anthony agreed but added that he will assign a special referee to be announced at the show.
The Semi-Main Event saw Angel lead Franklin Ray and "All That" Alan Steel to the ring to face Naughty By Nature in what ended up being both a classic wrestling match AND an all-out brawl. NBN got the win with their double-team gilloutine legdrop off the top rope on Ray's throat. Alan Steel and Derrick King then Blamed Franklin for the loss for their team and left the ring.
Our Main Event at this year's year-end Christmas show was legendary Hall Of Famer in both WCW & WWF "Handsome Jimmy Valiant teaming up with "The Cajun Sensation" Blade Boudreaux to take on "Mr. Personalities" Derrick King & "All That" Alan Steel. This was a great Handsome Jimmy match with alot of fun, dancing & kissing going on. Both teams got to fighting out on the floor and all over the auditorium so the match was thrown out by senior official Kieth Bailey.
Be sure to join us on January 2, 2000 right back here in Gibson. We look forward to a very exciting new year/millenium in MSWA with many exciting announcements coming soon including LOWER ticket prices, MORE $$$ saved on advance tickets and Family Tickets available for all road shows!
We wish everybody a Very Happy New Year from everyone at Mid-South Wrestling.

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