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MSWA Results Archive III

December 18, South Fulton Tennessee at the Kenn-Tenn Community Center:

Before the show opened, Tommy Redneck called out JR Rich to "talk" to him, only to have Kilo jump Rich from behind. Jr then called over the MSWA Commissioner and demanded that his match later in the night be a no disqualification hardcore rules match which the Commissioner approved.
Our opening match was Superstar McKee battling The Extreme Machine to a double count out. After the match, Extreme Machine nailed the referee because he stopped the match. We're sure he'll be fined for that.
Next we saw the hardcore match between Tommy Redneck and JR Rich. Kilo came out to ringside with Redneck and they introduced their new valets "Miss Dixie" & "Auburn Thunder".
This match was as wild as we hoped it would be with chairs, flag poles and even road signs being used as weapons. At one point in the match, the 2 were fighting in the front row of the audience! Tommy Redneck got the pin after a famouser type legdrop. Redneck & Kilo handcuffed JR to the rope and began to work him over pretty good until The LOD's Soultaker ran out to even up the odds. Tommy Redneck & Kilo then challenged Soultaker & JR to a match when we return to South Fulton on January 30th.
The next big match was the Soultaker coming back out to take on Kio. This was a very hard fought match with the advantage going back & forth. Tommy Redneck was at ringside helping Kilo every chance he got. Soultaker was about to get the pin after a tombstone piledriver until Redneck jumped in and caused a DQ on Kilo, but they worked over Soultaker until JR Rich ran-in & cleared the ring. JR & The Soultaker went to the announcer's table and said they accepted a match with Redneck & Kilo for next month's show, which was approved by Commissioner Michael Anthony who added the stipulation that it would be a no time limit, no disqualification Texas Tornado Death Match to the crowd's delight!
Our next match was The Dynamite Kid taking on Bruiser Graham in what turned out to be an outstanding wrestling match that pleased the crowd and went to a time-limit draw, but had many near falls. Both men showed fantastic sportsmanship by raising each other's hands at the end of the match and shaking.
In our main event of the evening, it was Naughty By Nature teaming with legendary "Handsome" Jimmy Valiant, the Boogie-Woogie Man himself to face the team of Tommy Redneck, Kilo and The Arkansas Maniac. Handsome Jimmy danced with the crowd awhile and then got down to business as he and NBN won our main event when NBN's Rude came off the top rope with a gilloutine leg-drop on Tommy Redneck followed by the 1-2-3!
Be sure to join us when we return to South Fulton at the Kenn-Tenn Community Center On SUNDAY AFTERNOON, JANUARY 30TH AT 2:15 p.m. Advance tickets will be available as always at Cash Advance on W. State Line RD and starting NOW you can save $2 on advance tickets in South Fulton!

December 5, Gibson Tennessee at the Municipal Auditorium:

Tommy Redneck beat JR Rich in the opener by DQ when he was attacked from behind by Franklin Ray, Big Hoss & Rick Havoc. Redneck had been close friends with the three, but after the match was over, they all said Tommy was a loser and they were glad to get rid of him - we haven't heard the last of this one!
Kilo beat The Extreme Machine with a frog splash off the top rope that was very impressive. Once again, Franklin Ray, Hoss & Havoc hit the ring to jump Kilo until Tommy Redneck hit the ring to return the favor to Kilo and cleared the ring with his metal sign.
Naughty By Nature's Rude then defeated Franklin Ray w/Angel after Tommy Redneck ran in and hit Ray with a DDT when the referee wasn't looking.
In a MSWA World Light-Heavyweight Title Match, Naughty By Nature's Tully sucessfully defended the title in a very impressive match with Memphis Power Pro's "All That" Allen Steel.
In the Triple Threat World Tag-Team Title Match with Kilo & Tommy Redneck -vs- LOD -vs- Hoss & havoc, the LOD lost the titles as Franklin Ray teamed with Big Hoss (Ray substituted due to Rick Havoc suffering an injury in Mississippi Friday night) and they were tagged in against each other so Ray simply fell down for Hoss to make the pin. Mid-South Wrestling Commissioner Michael Anthony said after the show he was going to make an announcement concerning this match at "Season's Beatings 1999" on December 19th.
In an all Power-Pro Wrestling Main event, Blade Boudreaux teamed up with Bulldog Raines to defeat Derrick King & Allen Steel in a classic Mid-South Wrestling style match that will be long remembered!
Be sure to catch The MSWA in South Fulton Tennessee as we return to the Ken-Tenn Community Center (Right Off E. State Line RD) on Sat night December 18th at 7:30 pm. and back in Gibson at the Municipal Auditorium on December 19th!

November 27, Dresden Tennessee at the McWherter Civic Center:

The Extreme Machine beat JR Rich by using a chain in a return match to open the show.
Bull defeated Franklin Ray w/Angel in the next match which was an all-out brawl!
"The Missouri Badboy" Joey Venture has returned to action after back surgery and beat Mr. Showtime when Angel hit Showtime with her bullwhip by mistake allowing Venture to get the rollup for the pin. Mr. Showtime got upset with Angel after the match when the fans told him it was HER that hit him, but they made up in the end.
Kilo beat The Dynamite Kid in a very impressive match. We expect big things to come from Kilo in the near future, he's definetly got a bright future in this business.
Memphis Power Pro Wrestling Superstars Blade Boudreaux and Bulldog Raines beat Mid-South Wrestling's World Tag Team Champions The Legion Of Death's Soultaker & Blaze with their new Manager RL Brimstone in a very good, fast paced non-title match.
In the main event, it was Naughty By Nature winning their match against Franklin Ray and The Streetfighter w/Angel.

We will return to Dresden on Saturday night, January 8th 2000!

November 20, South Fulton Tennessee at the Ken-Tenn Community Center:

Mike Todd beat Superstar McKee in the opener. JR Rich won his match over The Extreme Machine when the referee reversed his decision after finding his chain. Rick Havoc sucessfully defended the Intercontinental Heavyweight Title against Franklin Ray w/Angel. Kilo beat Mr. Showtime in a very impressive match with many high-flying moves. The LOD's Soultaker then took on Tommy Redneck in a falls count anywhere match which the referee stops as he lost control of the action. The Main Event saw NAughty By Nature defeat Big Hoss & Rick Havoc. This one was wild with fighting going all over the building. It was announced that on December 18th when Mid-South Wrestling returns, the main event will be Naughty By Nature teaming with HANDSOME JIMMY VALIANT in a special 6 man tag against Big Hoss, Rick Havoc & Franklin Ray w/Angel!

November 14, Gibson Tennessee at the Gibson Municipal Auditorium:

Superstar McKee teamed up with Dynamite Kid to beat JR Rich & The Extreme Machine in the opener with Dynamite Kid giving a stunner to both men.
Big Hoss & Rick Havoc then came out to the interview table and said they were very unhappy to be put in the 2nd match, and to be facing 2 punks like Bull & Tommy Redneck. They said that whoever wins the World Titles today won't hold them long, only long enough for Hoss & Havoc to get them in the ring.
Big Hoss & Rick Havoc wrestled their match in street clothes as they faced Bull & Tommy Redneck. Bull stayed in the ring most of the match and when he did finally get the tag on Redneck, he came in and immediately fell down for Hoss to pin him. Redneck then joined Hoss & Havoc in beating on Bull.
Next, we saw another Memphis Power Pro Wrestling Star "All That" Alan Steel w/Angel in his corner take on Naughty By Nature's Rude. This was Rude's 1st match since he's been out from his elbow injury at the hands of Glen Kulka from PPW. The referee calls for the Double DQ as there was interference from both sides.
Naughty By Nature's Tully then defeated Pokerface to become the NEW World Light-Heavyweight Champion!
The Legion Of Death came out next to challenge for the World Tag-Team Titles held by Mike Todd & Kilo. This was the LOD's 1st match since their manager The NightStalker left the group. Kilo had the match won until a mystery man ran from the LOD's Dungeon to attack him and hit him with a pedigree which allowed Soultaker to get the pin and capture the World Tag Titles for the LOD. It turned out that the mystery man is R L Brimstone and is the newest member of LOD.
We then saw a 'royal rumble' type match for the 1st EVER Mid-South Wrestling Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion. Big Hoss & Rick Havoc began the match, then, every 30 seconds another wrestler ebtered the ring until everyone was in. Over the top rope rules applied. In the end, to everyone's surprise, it was STILL Big Hoss & Rick Havoc left as the last 2 men, and in a shocking move, Big Hoss layed down for Rick Havoc to make the pin and become the 1st ever IC Champ!
Before our Main Event, Derrick King came out to talk about his match with Blade for the Heavyweight Title but was interrupted by "Killer", the Mid-South Wrestling Promoter & Owner, who told King that after his performance last show and the damage he did to the building, he wasn't wrestling in the MSWA ever again and was NOT getting his Title shot today. Derrick King, along with CB Wyatt jumped Killer and busted his head wide open with a crutch, which brought out Blade Boudreaux and Naughty By Nature to help. Along with them was Michael Anthony, also known as "The Living Doll" who used to be the LOD's manager "The Night Stalker". It was revealed that Anthony is the NEW Mid-South Wrestling Commissioner, appointed earlier in the week by Killer himself! Anthony said his 1st duty was to punish Derrick King for putting his hands on the owner of this company by bringing in Bulldog Raines from PPW to team with Blade on December 5th to go against Derrick King and Pokerface! Anthony said King could go ahead and wrestle for the title today since he booked him for next show.
In our main event, we saw 2 Memphis Power Pro Wrestling Stars face each other for the Mid-South Wrestling World Heavyweight Title as "Mr. Personalities" Derrick King defeated (with ALOT of help) Blade Boudreaux to become the NEW World Heavyweight Champion.
December 5th is shaping up to be a Super Show so if you live anywhere near Gibson Tennessee, don't miss it! And catch us on the road Nov 20th in South Fulton and Nov 27th in Dresden. Complete details are on our upcoming events section.

October 31, Gibson Tennessee at the Gibson Municipal Auditorium:

LOD opened up the annual Halloween show by coming out to the announcer's table and making an open challenge to whoever won the world tag titles later in the show, for a match next show on November 14th.
Opening match was Tommy Redneck taking on Freddy Kruger. Freddy was hiding in the LOD's coffin at ringside and snuck up behind Redneck. The match ended in a double DQ since both were brawling all over the auditorium.
Moondog Rover then defeated both JR Rich & The Extreme Machine in a special handicapped match.
The Dynamite Kid then beat Gunner Thompson with a stunner followed by a pin.
Blade Boudreaux then came out and said he was going to take the World Title from Soultaker later in the show if he can get him out of his little dungeon long enough.
Big Hoss & Rick Havoc then came out for an interview with Clarence Clippenback. They said it was a JOKE that they had to put up the MSWA World Tag Team Titles against Mike Todd & Kilo today and that they planned to make short work of them, and they would go on next show and beat LOD the same way.
LOD's Blaze challenged MSWA World Light-Heavyweight Champion Pokerface w/Angel in the next match. Night Stalker was going to trip Pokerface but instead ended up tripping Blaze by mistake and cost the LOD another belt!
Memphis Power Pro Wrestling star Blade Boudreaux "The Cajun Sensation" next challenged Soultaker of the LOD for the World Heavyweight Title in a hard fought classic match. It would once again prove to be The Night Stalker costing the LOD a Title as he went to nail Blade with a metal pan only to miss and nail Soultaker instead. Blade gets the pin and becomes the NEW Mid-South Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion! After the match, Blaze and Soultaker go to the announcer's table and say that The Night Stalker is FIRED since he cost them 2 championships today. Night Stalker comes over and tells them he doesn't need their "dead asses" anymore, and they can't fire him from the LOD coz he QUITS! The LOD promise revenge on him November 14th.
Naughty By Nature's Tully came out next to take on another Memphis Power Pro Wrestling star Derrick King w/ C.B. Wyatt. This was a high flying match from start to finish and another Mid-South Wrestling classic. Pokerface comes out to help out King but gets caught by the referee who DQ's King. All 3 get into it before being seperated by security.
The World Tag-Team Titles were on the line next as Big Hoss & Rick Havoc w/ Clarence Clippenback defended against Mike Todd & Kilo. In what has to be considered an upset, Mike Todd & Kilo both pinned Clarence and became the NEW World Tag-Team Champions! They will have to face the Legion Of Death on November 14th.
In a special added match, Blade Boudreaux put his newly won World Title on the line against Derrick King in a wild match that got stopped due to the referee losing control of the wrestlers.
Be sure to join us back in Gibson on November 14th! We will also be in South Fulton TN on Sat night November 20th, and in Dresden TN on Sat night November 27th.

October 17, Gibson Tennessee at the Gibson Municipal Auditorium:

"The First Lady of Mid-South Wrestling" Angel was announced as the guest commentator for the show because she has been suspended from active managing for 30 days due to repeatedly violating numerous MSWA rules over the past several shows.
Dynamite Kid opened up the show by defeating the debuting Extreme Machine with a stunner followed by a pin.
Blaze then came out with Legion Of Death leader The Nightstalker (formerly known as Michael Anthony "The Living Doll") to take on "Prissy" Paul Edwards. Blaze had the match going his way when Tommy Redneck came out and nailed Nightstalker while Prissy Paul sprayed his hairspray in Blaze's eyes to get the pin.
In a lights-out match for the World Heavyweight Title, Soultaker with Nightstalker defeated Franklin Ray with a powerslam following a moonsault from the middle rope to keep the belt.
The next match was a triple threat match for the MSWA World Light-Heavyweight Title with Champion Pokerface defeating former champions Tommy Redneck & JR Rich to retain his title.
Memphis Power Pro Wrestling Star "Mr. Personality" Derrick King with his manager CB Wyatt LOST his PPW Young Guns title to Blade Boudreaux in the next match. King then offered everything he owned to Blade for an immediate return title shot so Blade said he'd kick his butt for FREE one more time! With the help of CB Wyatt and a set of nunchukkas, Derrick King won back the PPW Young Guns Title. This was a very exciting match and we look forward to working on a regular basis with Derrick King and other Memphis Power Pro Wrestling stars!
The Semi-Main Event was a match for the MSWA World Tag-Team Titles when Big Hoss Williams & Rick Havoc w/Clarence Clippenback won on a referee's reversal over Mike Todd & Kilo. We're going to have to get clarification from the promoter on this situation.
In the Main Event, Naughty By Nature's Tully teamed with Blade Boudreaux to take on Derrick King & Pokerface in a wild match that eventually was thrown out by the referee since he couldn't keep control over the 4 wrestlers!
Folks, this show lasted 3 hours, and it's just an example of what Mid-South Wrestling gives you for your time & money. We are dedicated to you fans and listen to any suggestions you may have. Please feel free to write us at our e mail link with any comments or suggestions or if you'd like to see Mid-South Wrestling come to YOUR hometown!
Be sure to be in Gibson Tennessee for our annual Halloween Spectacular on October 31st!

October 3, Gibson Tennessee at the Gibson Municipal Auditorium:

In the opening match, Kilo beat "Prissy" paul Edwards by DQ when the referee caught Edwards with a chain.
Mike Todd took on JR Rich in the next match. JR came to ringside with the "First Lady Of Mid-South Wrestling" Angel so Mike Todd went back & brought out Kilo to watch his back in the match. Mike Todd gets the pin on Rich. Big Hoss jumps Todd & Kilo from behind after the match so Todd & Kilo made a challenge for a match at the next show to take on Big Hoss & his partner Rick Havoc which was immediately booked.
The Legion Of Death's Soultaker then came to the ring with Night Stalker & Blaze to take back the MSWA World Heavyweight Title from Franklin Ray. Franklin immediately began to cry & whine about the loss so The LOD challenged him to a lights-out return match for the upcoming October 17th show which Ray accepted.
Pokerface defeated Tommy Redneck in the next match to become the NEW MSWA World Light-Heavyweight Champion!
Blade Boudreaux "The Cajun Sensation" defeated Rick Havoc w/Angel in the next match.
The Legion Of Death came out with The Night Stalker in their corner to defeat "Prissy" Paul Edwards & JR Rich.
In the main event, it was Naughty By Nature winning their match over Craig Kilgore of the Fly Boyz and his partner the War Machine from Mississippi.
Be sure to catch our next Gibson show on Sunday October 17th at 2:15 p.m.

September 25, Union City Tennessee at the National Guard Armory:

Tommy Redneck w/Angel defended the MSWA Light-Heavyweight Title against JR Rich in the opener.
"Prissy" Paul Edwards then made his Mid-South Wrestling debut as he lost to the Dynamite Kid.
V-Man w/Angel and Moondog Rover fought all over the National Guard Armory including outside in the parking lot! The referee lost all control of this one and ruled it a double count-out.
The LOD defeated Mike Todd & Gunner Thompson when The Nightstalker nailed Todd with a chain while the referee was trying to separate The Soultaker & Thompson on the floor. Blaze scored the pin.
The Main Event was for the MSWA World Tag-Team Titles as Naughty By Nature defeated Rick Havoc & Franklin Ray (substituting for an injured Big Hoss Williams) w/Angel & Clarence Clippenback.

Mid-South Wrestling will be returning to Union City in the near future so watch for our posters and check back right here for the dates.

September 12, Gibson Tennessee at the Gibson Municipal Auditorium:

The Legion Of Death's Soultaker came out as the show began and DEMANDED a return World Heavyweight Title match with Franklin Ray since he was robbed of the title last night in Henderson Tennessee. The match was granted and Franklin came to ringside with "The 1st Lady Of Mid-South Wrestling" Angel along with Kilo and Tommy Redneck, and Soultaker came to ringside with BOTH The Night Stalker and Blaze of the LOD. Once again, these two gave us a great match filled with solid wrestling moves and holds. As usual, Angel would prove to make the difference by again giving Franklin Ray powder to throw in Soultaker's eyes. The powder disoriented Soultaker and he rolled up the referee for the pin instead of Ray. Franklin quickly counted 3 so Soultaker thought the match was over, only to have Franklin Ray come from behind with a rolling reverse to win the match. The entire LOD then made their way to the announce table and demanded one more shot at the World Title, but they want it to be a No time limit, No disqualification, ANYTHING goes match. The promotion approved the match and booked it for October 3rd when MSWA returns to Gibson.
Indy Stars "Tuff As Hell" ("Tuffguy" Joey Bravo & The Hellraiser) made their debut in Mid-South Wrestling next as they faced "The New Texas Outlaw" Ricky Murdoch & Gunner Thompson. Murdoch & Thompson quickly showed Tuff as Hell why they are one of the top teams in the MSWA and "Tuff as Hell" also showed why they are one of the top teams on the independent circuit. Bravo & Hellraiser would prove to be the dominant team as they, along with Angel got the win.
Blade Boudreaux came out next to face the LOD's Blaze. The entire LOD came to ringside with Blaze and were constantly interfering with the match. Boudreaux outsmarted the LOD in the end by ducking out of the way when Blaze was holding him for Soultaker to nail him in the head with a metal pan and it was Blaze who got nailed and Boudreaux who got the win.
The next match was a 4-corners ladder match for the MSWA Light-Heavyweight Title with Champion JR Rich -vs- Kilo -vs- Mike Todd -vs- Tommy Redneck. This was a wild one, with fighting going all over the civic center and Kilo & Redneck getting busted wide open. At one point, the match spilled into the WOMEN's restroom! In the end, it was Tommy Redneck (with Angel's help) climbing the ladder and getting the title belt to become the NEW MSWA Light-Heavyweight Champion. After the match, JR Rich attacked the MSWA interim-commissioner and joined Angel & Redneck in fighting Kilo & Mike Todd!
The Main Event was a World Tag-Team Title match with Rick Havoc w/ Angel teaming with The Fly Boys to take on Naughty By Nature and a mystery partner. Naughty brought out Blade Boudreaux to be their partner. Rules are, whichever man gets a pin wins the titles and can name a partner to co-hold them. It would be Naughty By Nature scoring the pin after a very hard fought match. Havoc demanded 5 more minutes, so Naughty & Blade rushed the ring and pinned all 3! NEW World Tag-Team Champions are Naughty By Nature.
Don't miss Mid-South Wrestling coming to Union City Tennessee on Saturday Night September 25th at the National Guard Armory. You can save $1 on advance tickets on sale now at the Armory. See The LOD, Naughty By Nature, "Prissy" Paul Edwards, Tommy Redneck, Angel, JR Rich and many more!
Also, Mid-South Wrestling will return to the Gibson Municipal Auditorium on Sunday October 3rd. Already signed is that big No DQ return World Title match, and The LOD will be in full force to see just how tuff "Tuff As Hell" really are, and Pokerface gets a shot at new Light-Heavyweight Champion Tommy Redneck.

September 11, Henderson Tennessee at the Chester County Fairgrounds:

Pokerface with Angel beat Ricky Murdoch in the opening match with the help of Angel and a chair. Clarence Clippenback surprised everyone by coming to the ring with Murdoch. Clarence and Angel seemed to be having problems with each other and argued throughout the entire match.
Moondog Rover came to the ring with Angel in the next match to take on Light-Heavyweight Champion J.R. Rich in a non-title match. The Moondog proved to be too much for the rookie and won the match with a pin.
LOD's Soultaker then made his way to the ring with Night Stalker to defend the MSWA World Heavyweight Title against Franklin Ray with Angel in his corner. This was a good match which went back and forth until Angel proved once again to be a factor by giving Ray some powder to throw into Soultaker's eyes while Night Stalker was arguing with the referee. Franklin Ray wins the match and becomes the NEW Heavyweight Champion of the World!
Naughty By Nature then made their way to the ring, with Clarence Clippenback also in their corner, to face the team of Primetime Tim White & V-Man with Angel in their corner. This was a Mid-South Wrestling classic as all 4 men are MSWA veterans. This was also a very even match until a double-team by White & V-man backfired and both members of Naughty By Nature pinned both White AND V-man at the same time to get the win. Clarence Clippenback got his hands on Angel and gave her a rough spanking in front of everyone! The promotion added a special match between Angel & Clarence since they were having so many problems with each other. Angel won this match with a whole lot of help from V-Man & Tim White.
The Main Event of the evening was a battle royal, with the winner getting a guaranteed World Title shot at a later date. All the wrestlers came back to the ring and a brawl immediately ensued. It was an over the top rope single elimination battle royal with the following wrestlers being eliminated in order: JR Rich, Pokerface, Soultaker, Moondog, V-Man, Franklin Ray, Ricky Murdoch, Tim White (by pin, not over the top rope) and this left both Rude & Tully of Naughty By Nature as the last 2. The referee would not allow both men to be the winner so they began fighting each other until Primetime Tim White interfered and eliminated both men. The promotion ruled that since White was pinned and NOT thrown over the top rope, he would be declared the winner!

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