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These are some of the top stars of the MSWA
Included are rankings, pictures and profiles

MSWA World Heavyweight Champion: 'Beaver Hunter' Miles Long (formerly heinrich von keller)
(defeated Blade Boudreaux May 7th in Gibson TN)
1. Blade Boudreaux
2. Dirty Don
3. Dynamite Kid
4. LOD's Soultaker
5. "The New Texas Outlaw" Ricky Murdoch
6. "Tuffguy" Joey Bravo
7. Handsome Jimmy Valiant
8. "The New Texas Outlaw" Austin Rhodes
9. Hellraiser
10. Moondog Rover

MSWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion: 'Missouri Bad Boy' Joey Venture w/Dakota
(Defeated The Dynamite Kid on May 13th in Dresden TN)
1. Blade Boudreaux
2. Heinrich Von Keller
3. Citizen Kane
4. The Dynamite Kid
5. Naughty By Nature's Rude
6. Soultaker
7. Tommy Redneck
8. Naughty By Nature's Tully
9. "Tuffguy" Joey Bravo
10. "The New Texas Outlaw" Ricky Murdoch

MSWA World Tag Team Champions: 'Naughty By Nature' Rude & Tully w/Zeke Rivers
(defeated New Texas Outlaws June 4th in Gibson TN)
1. New Texas Outlaws (Ricky Murdoch & Austin Rhodes)
2. Southern Pride
3. "Missouri Bad Boy" Joey Venture & Mr. Showtime w/Dakota
4. "Tuff As Hell" - Joey Bravo & Hellraiser
5. Blade Boudreaux & Dirty Don
6. V-Man & 'Sniper' Charlie Parks
7. The Legion Of Death
8. "Extremely Rich" (The Extreme Machine & JR Rich)
9. "Handsome" Jimmy Valiant & Ricky Morton
10. Moondog Rover & "Primetime" Tim White

MSWA World Light Heavyweight Champion: Mr. Showtime
(Defeated Pokerface May 7th in Gibson TN)
1. Pokerface
2. Tommy Redneck
3. Citizen Kane
4. Kilo
5. Pokerface
6. NBN's Rude
7. "Missouri Bad Boy Joey" Venture w/ Dakota
8. NBN's Tully
9. Rick Rockous
10. Kevin White

MSWA Women's Champion: Dakota
(Defeated Brianna Starr April 8th in Dresden TN)
1. Brianna Starr
2. Mini-D (aka Auburn Thunder)
3. Miss Dixie
4. Venom
5. Angel

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Handsome Jimmy Valiant

Ricky Morton

Heinrich Von Keller

Moondog Rover

Blade Boudreaux

Derrick King

Southern Pride

Auburn Thunder

Miss Dixie

Tuff As Hell


Brianna Starr

Bulldog Raines

The Living Doll

The Soultaker

Joey Venture

Extreme Machine


Tommy Redneck


Citizen Cane

Big Hoss


Naughty by Nature

JR Rich

Mr Showtime

Ricky Murdoch

Dynamite Kid

New Texas Outlaws

Crown Prince Stephen Anthony

Clarence Clippenback

Bobby the Butcher


The Streetfighter

Rick Rockous

The Rebellion

Gunner Thompson



Super Mario

Dirty Don


Prissy Paul Edwards

R.L. Brimstone

Franklin Ray

Rick Havoc

The Dream Machine

Chief Lone Eagle

Joey Turner

V Man

Tim White

Tony Pritchard

Way Cool
Wildside & Way Cool
The Missouri Renegade

The Assassins

Mike Todd

The Missouri Bad Boyz

Johnny Gunn


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